10 Facts About Mammograms That You Should Know

Every woman has to take care about her health. And there are 10 facts about mammograms that you should know anyway. Getting a mammogram is not scary. It helps to learn more about health condition. Mammogram is an X-ray procedure which helps doctor to identify any signs of breast cancer.

Importance of Mammogram Screening

It is important to find cancer early. If doctor makes a diagnosis in a first months after appearing that disease, it reduces risk of dying. And, of course, early diagnosis may help to achieve great success of the treatment. An importance of mammogram screening may not be reduced – it helps doctors to save lives.

10 Facts About Mammograms That You Should Know

There are some important facts about mammograms

  1. It is not scary. The hole procedure lasts only 20 minutes. Not every woman has been feeling uncomfortable during the procedure, and it is completely safe. The amount of radiation is too small so it cannot hurt anyone. By the way, most of times medical centers are giving results before they leave.
  2. High quality image. The results of a mammogram are always recorded onto a computer with the best quality. It helps doctors to look at the different sections of breast more closely and it helps to make a diagnosis.
  3. You can compare past and new results of mammogram. You should bring your past mammogram images and show it to your doctor.
  4. Do not change your medical center. Try to visit doctor that has been already did mammogram for you.
  5. Ask for CAD. Radiologists are making computer-aided detection in order to increase the probability of making a proper diadnosis.
  6. Avoid wearing antiperspirant or deodorant. It reduces the quality of image.
  7. Unusual result does not mean that breast cancer exist. Before making a diagnosis, every doctor will perform another mammogram and a biopsy if it will be needed. American Cancer Society has already published research results which are telling that almost 10% of women are required to do more tests which can help to make a diagnosis. ACS also has published new recommendations.
  8. Some doctors are recommending to get a first mammogram at the age of 30. It happens to women that have family history of cancer or have ever been going through radiation treatment.
  9. It saves lives. Mammogram is a great tool which is used to find cancer early, and it is very important for an effective treatment.

How often Do You Need a Mammogram?

Describing the importance of breast screening it is important to say when woman has to visit medical center. If family history of cancer is clear, it is better to have a first mammogram at the age of 40. It must be regular for women at age 50. They should have a mammogram every two years so doctors will be able to find breast cancer early and work on a good treatment program.

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