7 Biohacking Tips for Women

After 50-60 years, you can stay sound and active – this is real if you pay more time and attention to your health. First, let’s understand what biohacking is. Then we will talk about biochacking tips for women.

Biohacking for women means the implementation of several essential basic concepts in the health control system. Modern biohackers pursue global goals. They strive to improve their well-being and health. They also want to change biological age, slow aging, and extend life to 100 or even more years. Let’s see what principles they follow in order to achieve these goals. 

7 Top Biohacking Tips for Women

  • Know what you eat! A special nutrition system is developed that is suitable just for you – and you should adhere to it for life. That’s not a short-term diet or general recommendations that can be ignored from time to time. It’s rather about way of life. You’ll have to exclude some foods out of you ration completely. It doesn’t sound like fun, but the result is worth it!
  • Stay physically active! Keeping fit is one of the most effective biohacking tools. People are different. Therefore, knowledgeable biohackers always monitor the response to physical activity. This allows you to choose the type of sport or fitness that will contribute to the metabolism restoration. Surely, it’s not only about spectacular abs and nice buttocks, but rather about the health of the entire body.  
  • Think of detoxification! No wonder this is one of the top biohacking tips for women. We live under the conditions of poor ecology, stress, and bad nutrition. Therefore, your body sometimes needs a kind of general cleaning, that is, detoxification. Biohacking involves monitoring liver function, as well as the presence of heavy metals in the body. After the tests, you can take medications that will promote detoxification. Other methods of purification include baths, saunas, and even lymphatic drainage means.
  • Get enough sleep! This is one of the ways biohacking helps women to improve their healthBiohacking involves debugging the sleep system. It is necessary to adhere to the regime – after all, only during sleep vital hormones are produced, like melatonin, growth hormone, without which the normal functioning of the thyroid gland and other internal organs is impossible.
  • Use vitamins and biologically active supplements! Regular intake of medications and supplements is one of the main principles on which biohacking is based. Vitamins, nootropics, stimulants, hormones, antidepressants and dietary supplements – all this should be the first-aid kit of people who think on how to biohack their brain and body. Drug therapy is performed not only to treat diseases, but also to prevent the development of illnesses, increase productivity and eliminate health risks.
    The biggest mistake is to take all the vitamins and dietary supplements without making a diagnosis first. Only tests will show what nutrients, vitamins and minerals you lack.
  • Enter a flow state! Here’s how you can fully focus on a particular activity. If you can’t push the matter through, you need to force yourself to work on it a little more. Then you need to stop this activity for a while and distract yourself. After you return to your previous activity, you can easily enter the flow state and work productively.
  • Be thankful! Don’t neglect this rule that’s among top biohacking tips. Express your gratitude to your loved ones and keep a diary in which you should regularly note things which you are grateful for. According to biohackers, this practice gives more positive effect if it is combined with meditation.


As a rule, we use only 10% of the brain’s power. And biohacking allows you to overcome this limitation! Modern medicine has learned to slow down biological aging. Upgrade your health correctly, and you’ll always be able to reach new heights! 

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