7 Ways to Make a Balanced Plate

Hippocrates once said: ‘We are what we eat’. He believed that people get all illnesses as a result of wrong diet. Modern medicine also agrees with this idea. Human’s health and his diet are closely connected. Nutrients get into our organism together with food and they influence our physical condition and spirits. The main point in this case is how to build a healthy diet. Here are 7 ways to make a balanced plate.

Ways to Make a Balanced Plate: Eat More Vegetables and Fruit

One of the ways to make a balanced plate is to include a lot of fruits and vegetables. The best amount is 5 portions of different vegetables and fruit every day. For example, you can add pieces of chopped banana to your cereals for breakfast. One more idea is to substitute snacks with an apple or another favorite piece of fruit.

Fruit and vegetables can be added to daily diet in different forms: fresh, tinned, dried or juiced. If you take fresh, frozen or canned fruit or vegetables, one portion of it should weigh no more than 80 g. In case of dried fruit, the recommended amount for one portion is 30 g.

Stick to Proportions of Meal in Your Plate

There are certain proportions, which can help to build up a healthy dinner plate. It is believed that ½ of your plate should be filled with vegetables and fruit. Whole grains should occupy ¼ of plate and ¼ belongs to protein. And don’t forget about dairy. Supplement your daily dish with a cup of nonfat milk.

Cut Back in Saturated Fat

Healthy meal should include some fat. But it is important to take control of the amount and kind of fat you consume with your food. There are 2 kinds of fat: saturated and unsaturated. Eating food with a great amount of saturated fat is dangerous for our health, because it blows up the level of cholesterol in our blood. Greasy parts of meat, as well as cakes, biscuits, cream, lard, sausages contain a lot of saturated fat. Try to avoid eating them. It is better to substitute them with products with healthier unsaturated fats such as oily fish, vegetable oils, nuts, avocados.

Eat Less Sugar

Sweet products are tasty but not very healthy. They contain sugar, which leads to obesity and tooth enamel decay. Sweets, sugary fizzy drinks, cakes and biscuits are full of sugar. These products are very rich in calories. If these calories are not spent in full scale, they turn in our body into fat and this leads to excessive weight.

If you are a sweet tooth and find it difficult to refuse from sugary product, pay attention to naturally sweet desserts, such as fruit and berries. There exist a lot of delicious substitutes of unhealthy sweet products. For instance, you can bake apples with raisins and cinnamon or make parfait with yogurt and fruit.

Include Lean Protein

In order to keep a healthy diet, we need to include protein in our daily meal. It helps our body to repair itself. Our muscles are built with the help of this food nutrient. But the quality of protein from food should be taken into account. Meat-based protein can lead to obesity as it contains much saturated fat. That is why one should consume lean proteins. There are a lot of examples of products with lean proteins:

  • legumes;
  • seafood;
  • soybeans and tofu;
  • low-fat dairy. 

Reduce Salt in Your Dish

The abundant amount of salt in our body can lead to higher level of blood pressure. Elevated blood pressure can cause heart diseases or a stroke. Daily portion of salt for an adult human is about 15 g. But the most part of this quantity is already present in products – bread, cereals, vegetables, meat and curds. An average daily amount of food contains 10 g of salt. This means that only 5 g or ½ teaspoon we can add to our dishes a day.

Be Creative While Cooking

Invent different ways to turn your diet into a balanced food plate. Reduce greasy meat and cheese in your recipes. Add more vegetables and fruit to your meals. Try new tastier and healthier products, which you have never tried before, such as lentils, sardines, mango, quinoa, or kale. 

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