How to Snack Healthily at Work

Most employees at work do not eat balanced lunch but often use daily snacks for the office, which is why they gain extra pounds. Frequent snacks and meals with food from fast food will not bring any health benefits and figures. We spend most of our time at work, so it’s very important to seriously approach the issue of nutrition during working hours.

The Harm and Benefits of Daily Snacks for the Office

Easy snacks for office is useful and good, but only on the condition that they have a beneficial effect on your body. Thanks to workday snacks, you can get rid of hunger and avoid overeating. An apple or a banana, eaten during the day, gives a feeling of satiety, is quickly digested and does not overload the digestive system.

It must be remembered that snacks for office workers should in no case replace the main meals, otherwise the body will not receive a sufficient amount of nutrients. The organization of meals is half the battle in a balanced diet. You need to think in advance what to buy in the store from the evening for healthy snacks while at work the next day, and how to fill the nightstand on the office table instead of sweets, cookies, and chocolates.

Useful Variants for Snacks

To avoid collective eating of simple carbohydrates in daily snacks for the office, agree with your colleagues – exchange sweets, cookies and chocolate for vegetables, fruits and protein bars. Healthy treats for office will surely appeal to all employees. Listed below are great snack ideas for work to help quench your hunger and prevent extra pounds.

  • Sugar-free yogurt. These foods need to be eaten at least 200 g per day, and such a snack will benefit. Sliced ​​fruits or berries can be added to yogurt.
  • Unsalted nuts. It can be consumed in a small amount, not more than 20 pieces at once because nuts are very high in calories.
  • Seasonal fruits. You can make a fruit salad at home or bake apples with nuts and raisins in the oven.
  • Hard cheese. It is necessary for the body in very small doses – 30-50 g.
  • Sandwiches can be eaten, but they should be healthy treats for the office. For the “right” sandwich, bread with bran or rye, chicken or turkey meat, baked in spices, vegetables (cucumber, pepper, tomato, etc.), greens are suitable.
  • Fruit chips can add variety to an office diet. They cleanse the digestive tract well due to their high fiber content.
  • Fresh vegetables, sliced, are especially relevant in the summer, but in the fall they can be included in snacks also.
  • Black chocolate (not less than 70% of cocoa) – 20-30 g. A slice of chocolate will increase your working capacity and endurance. Due to its polyphenol content, chocolate is very beneficial for the cardiovascular system.

Many people think that thanks to dairy products, they will have strong teeth and bones, and these are simple snack ideas for work. It’s a delusion. Products that are sources of calcium: fish, citrus fruits, vegetable milk, greens, nuts, soybeans, tofu cheese, sesame seeds, broccoli, spinach, and grains.

How to Get Used to Eating Right?

For harmful products to disappear from your office and you finally started to consume useful workday snacks, you need to make a plan:

  • think about what you like from the above options (or use your recipes from fruits and vegetables);
  • buy food for a few days (at the rate of 2 workday snacks per day);
  • take with you to the office only what you plan to eat in a day (something ready if you don’t want to show culinary talents, or something exotic when you plan to treat yourself);
  • gradually, you will not only get used to eating properly, and will become much slimmer than the lazy colleagues who constantly eat cookies and chocolate.


It’s good if you have the opportunity to bring cooked food from home – so you will always be sure about what you eat. Portion cream is best replaced with skim or vegetable milk. Protein bars can be a good alternative to cookies and nuts.

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