Advantages of Matcha Tea

The advantages of matcha tea are numerous. Matcha powder tea is considered to be more useful. The reason is simple, because when we drink it, we get the whole tea leaves with much more antioxidants and vitamins than in average tea. A cup of this tea contains 127 times more epigallocatechin gallate than a cup of regular green.

This product is now everywhere: we see matcha latte, healthy shots and even green tea desserts, stylish and healthy.

There are other types of powder tea — blue, pink and violet, that are often also called matcha. But this is not so. Only green tea has special beneficial properties and is considered to be superfood.

7 Benefits of Drinking Matcha Tea

There are a lot of advantages of matcha tea, that are available for everybody who add this product into the diet. The main of them are as follows:

  • Benefits of matcha for hair. Useful green tea for hair. With regular use of the infusion, a number of positive changes can be expected: hair follicles will strengthen and loss will stop, skin inflammation and itching will disappear, dandruff will significantly decrease or completely disappear, and will appear a healthy glow.
  • Matcha is good for brain of the brain activity of 30 volunteers shows that those who include matcha in their diet, improve their attention, reaction and memory. This is especially important for old people. In this drink is caffeine than regular tea, which will help you to cheer up. The energy boost is guaranteed. L-theanine will prevent a sharp decline in caffeine in the blood and help to keep a good mood.
  • Matcha tea for immune system. Matcha tea leaves supply your body with a full arsenal of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It’s a real immune boost, absolutely natural and reliable.
  • Matcha for blood pressure. Tea is suitable for people with normal or low blood pressure. People with high blood pressure should drink it carefully.
  • Matcha tea for anxiety. This tea has a proven tonic effect. In comparison to coffee, this drink acts on the nervous system more gently, without causing a sharp increase in blood pressure.
  • Antitoxic effect. The role of liver in the purification of blood and the absorption of nutrients can’t be underestimated. The functioning of the body as a whole depends on its health. Recent laboratory studies have shown that matcha prevents liver and kidney problems.
    This tea helps in the treatment of malnutrition diseases by increasing the amount of naturally-produced enzymes. The scientists have made a lot of researches and made a conclusion that those people who prefer green tea have significantly reduced risks of liver disease.
  • Vascular protection. Matcha tea is very rich in catechins and other compounds with the properties of vitamin P, which has a strengthening effect for blood vessels. It’s enough to drink 1-2 cups of matcha to get the effect.

Can You Lose Weight with Matcha?

If to pay attention to the composition of the advertised dietary supplements for those who want to lose weight, it can be seen, that matcha is always there. This drink has long been known for its ability to improve metabolic processes and make them faster. It has been proven that thanks to matcha tea, weight loss is faster. And with exercise, its extract allows you to burn fat 17% more efficiently.

It’s recommended to drink no more than 2 cups of matcha per day. In such a way you can get all the advantages of matcha tea.

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