What is your best time to exercise during the day?

Such a preventive measure as self-isolation, quite strongly affected the usual daily routine and made you think about how to properly manage your free time and not let yourself lose good fitness, and maybe try to achieve the best results. First of all, you need to choose the best time to exercise during the day, so that your workouts are more effective, easy and more enjoyable, only then it will be the perfect solution for you.

Choose the optimal time to work out

During the day, certain changes occur in your body and some of them have a cyclical nature, these are the so-called circadian rhythms concerning body temperature, blood pressure and heart rate. This is important to consider when choosing good time for exercise, because these indicators significantly affect our performance, activity and mood.

Of course, people have different circadian rhythms. Conventionally, there are “morning” and” evening “types of people, which are respectively called “larks” and “owls”. Therefore, depending on the processes occurring in the body, you have to find the best time for gym, in the morning, afternoon or evening, when you feel the greatest surge of energy.

All the pros and cons of your decision

If you have decided that the best time to do exercises is morning workout, then you should know its advantages and disadvantages:

  • you get energy boost for the whole day, but in the morning, the body is not “awake enough”;
  • body fat is burned faster, but without breakfast, there is little energy for an intense workout;
  • it is easier to control your appetite during the day.

When you plan a workout at lunchtime, you can be sure that your productivity will increase, you will be able to get more sleep, and may be able to train with your children or in a company with your loved ones, with whom you are quarantined. And finally, the evening workout has the following features:

  • after a full day, the muscles are warmed and flexible, but fatigue can interfere with an effective workout;
  • calories accumulated during the day are burned, and fat deposits continue to be burned even at night;
  • for some people, too much exercise can affect the quality of sleep.

Focus on your body, it is better than anyone else, will tell you when and what it is better to do. 

Use your free time wisely

Self-isolation will not last forever, so feel free to choose the best time for gym and properly use your excess free time. The right time for physical activity allows you to achieve the highest possible results and if it is not suitable, the effectiveness of training is either sharply reduced, or it turns out to be almost zero. But each person must have their own optimal time to work out, when it keeps the body in good shape and achieve the desired result by burning fat or, conversely, gaining muscle mass.

It is considered that, for people who are overweight, a good time to exercise is most likely the morning, when the amount of glycogen with glucose is minimal and the energy for exercise is released due to the oxidation of the fat layer. But people who experience certain problems in weight gain, consider the best time to do exercises in the evening, when they are full of strength and energy.


Try get yourself in order, keep fit at home doing pleasant things and sports. Fill your body with strength and energy, don’t forget stay hydrated during the day. All the things will positively affect the metabolism of your body and increasing the immune system.

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