Easy Healthy Breakfast – 5 Ideas

Do you promise to start a new life every night? But in the morning everything goes according to the usual scenario? To change your life, you need to change your habits. In order for the new life to be better than the previous one, habits must be useful. Easy healthy breakfast will be a great start to a new life and a good habit for many years to come.
As Hippocrates said: we are what we eat. Breakfast is the first meal that sets the mood for your body. The balanced proportions of protein and carbohydrates allow the body to use useful energy at 100%. Now you will read about easy healthy breakfast ideas that can be implemented during the week.

Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas


You don’t always have time to cook in the morning. For those who Wake up early and go to school or work just as early, every minute counts. Maybe you are preparing breakfast for the whole family, then a lot on your mind. Chicken egg recipes are a great example of a quick healthy Breakfast.


These delicious little things are rich in vitamins and healthy plant proteins. They can be used as an ingredient or as a separate dish. Nuts contain antioxidants and help the skin retain its youth and elasticity. The main thing is not to forget to drink enough water.


It does not matter in what form you are used to eating cereals. In any case, this is a healthy breakfast meal for all ages. They contain complex carbohydrates that provide the body with energy for a long time. At the same time, cereals are easily digested and do not create a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.
Cereals can be bought in the form of muesli. This is very fast and easy. You can also buy rice or oatmeal and make puddings from them. There is also a preparation for semolina. Semolina is suitable for feeding Breakfast for children because it has a small and easy structure.

Fruits and berries

A very healthy and vitamin-rich breakfast will consist of fruits and berries. Like nuts, they can be added to muesli or eaten just like that. Juicy, sweet, completely made up of vegetable fiber fruits and even more juicy berries will serve as an excellent substitute for harmful sugar.


If you realize how harmful sugar is, then be sure to exclude it from your diet. Instead of sugar, it is better to use honey. A natural product that small bees make for us is not less sweet, but very useful for health.

A few tips for the perfect breakfast

Omelets with vegetables, rice souffle with fruit, milkshakes with eggs, and nuts. All of these are very fast and delicious protein breakfast ideas. You don’t need to be a professional cook to cook something original and useful. Basic advice: avoid fried eggs. Everything fried has nothing to do with healthy food.

As the research of scientists in the article shows  for weight loss, it is much more important to have a proper Breakfast than to starve. Using the main theses of the article, you can independently come up with healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss.

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