Health Risks of Sitting All Day

It’s very easy to underestimate the harm effects of sitting for a long time. The negative effects of long sitting don’t appear immediately and have the ability to accumulate, which ultimately results not only in loss of physical form, but also in deterioration of mental health, a higher risk of the cardiovascular system diseases, obesity and diabetes. Health risks of sitting all day are rather high, and need special attention.

Activity is simply vital for us for the healthy functioning of the body, well-being, cheerful mood and active work. Minimize the harm from long sitting and your body will thank you with good health. Let’s have a look in details, is sitting all day bad for you or not.

Side Effects of Sitting All Day

Those who have to sit all day can face a lot of problems, and main of them are as follows:

  • It can lead to back pain. Is it bad to sit all day? Yes, as a result of this would appear chronic back muscle tension, poor posture, stoop, deformation and stiffness of the spine, drying of the intervertebral discs. With the flow of time would appear overall stiffness of the body and impaired mobility. The sitting disease is also headache from overstrain of the muscles of the neck and upper back develop;
  • It affects your ability to sleep. Among side effects of sitting all day is slowdown of all body systems. The deterioration of the lymphatic flow and decrease in the body’s defenses cause a decrease in general tone, leading to chronic fatigue and insomnia;
  • Obesity, diabetes, and heart trouble. Among health risks of sitting all day are slow metabolic processes, weight gain and poor burning of the calories. The body begins to store more fat, increasing the desire to eat high-calorie foods. Weight gain with excess of insulin can lead to diabetes and obesity. Fat accumulates in the body, begins to accumulate in the blood and settles in the vessels, causing their blockage;
  • Varicose Veins. Reduced blood circulation affects the blood supply to the lower extremities. Venous outflow is not stimulated, which leads to edema, stagnation of blood and lymph, and damage to blood vessels.

How to Stop Sitting Down All Day

There are a lot of the simple ways that you can use to add move activity into your day:

  • Set reminders to stretch. Even if you stretch for 1 minute while working every half an hour, your body would feel much better;
  • DIY your standing desk. Even in the office you can adjust table and chair in the most comfortable way for you;
  • Walking around the block. Start to walk with short distances and then add more activity;
  • Meet your daily activity target. Make your own activity plan and try to follow it every day. As a result, you would get useful habit.

Health Risks of Sitting All Day

How bad is sitting all day? It’s definitely rather bad. Our last tip is a little banal, but effective. If you have the opportunity not to sit the whole day – don’t sit. Make a choice in favor of health and well-being! Many people succeed at some point, and you are no worse. Each of us has one health and it’s very problematic to buy it even for a lot of money. Moreover, this is not always possible. Relate your lifestyle not only to the key goals that are set for you, but also to care of your own body. Otherwise, all efforts will be in vain.

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