How Often Should You Wash Your Hair

Can I wash my hair every day or is it better to use dry shampoo and save time in the morning on makeup or breakfast? How often you should wash your hair so that the hair does not fall out so often? It seems that the answers to these questions should be simple. However, most of us wash our heads incorrectly.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair

While some people prefer daily hair washing, others try to do it as rarely as possible. But both options can do more harm than good. How often you should wash your hair? To answer this question, you need to consider the texture and type of hair, skin type, so there is no universal answer.

How Shampoo Usually Works

Popular shampoos promise an instant miraculous effect: the hair should become thick, silky, shiny and so on. In fact, the condition of the hair always depends on the general condition of the body: if the metabolism is impaired and there is a deficiency of elements, the hair remains brittle and dull, and the scalp peels off. In order to use shampoo properly is necessary to take into account additional factors.

Who Should Use Shampoo Daily

Experts say that daily contact with chlorinated water harms the skin and provokes dandruff and peeling.

But here it all depends solely on your genetics. If in the evening your hair gets dirty and looks stale, it’s still better to wash it: there is much more harm from pollution and excess sebum than from chlorinated water.

How often to shampoo hair? Don’t be afraid to wash it every day if you have oily hair. Also, don’t forget to use a shampoo that matches your hair type.

How to Wash Hair Less Often

The first thing you need to start with is to force yourself to wash your hair not so often. If you do this daily, then reduce the procedure to 1 time in 2 days, then 3 and so on. The same method will automatically eliminate the need to often use a hairdryer.

Hair and Skin Types Matter

How often to wash your hair? The only correct answer, suitable for all people, simply does not exist. After all, it depends on the type of hair.

If you have a normal hair type (and your hair is healthy and strong), then you are lucky, and you can wash your hair every 5 days.

But the oily hair type brings its owners a lot of trouble. Such hair very quickly loses its attractive appearance and almost the next day after washing already looks as if it had not been washed for weeks. Therefore, such hair needs to be washed every 2 or 3 days. There are a lot of shampoos “for oily hair”, suitable for this purpose.

Dry hair requires a particularly careful attitude. It is recommended to wash hair no more than once a week. 


Use the tips listed above and your hair will become stronger and healthier. But still, remember that every case is unique in its own way, and if necessary, you can make some adjustments of your own.

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