How to Lose Belly Fat After Having a Baby – 10 Most Effective Tips

Having a baby is a blessing. You look at your dearest creature and realize you have created a real human being with his own life, future, and destiny. And what about you? Should you neglect your own life and body? Definitely no! Right after giving birth to your baby, scheme, and pass on bringing your body to its pre-baby condition. Do you wonder how to lose belly fat after having a baby? Let’s find out this together!

How to Lose Belly Fat After Having a Baby: Ten Tips

Losing a pregnancy belly is a concern bothering many new mums. Though it’s a hard thing to do, good motivation and firm determination will do the job. To help you be back to your pre-pregnancy forms, we have separated top tips to lose weight after baby. Adhering to them, in only several months or even weeks, you will be the slender new mum you’ve been dreaming to become.

Breastfeed if You Can

Breastfeeding is a miracle. If you can, breastfeed your baby at least in the early months after childbirth. To produce milk, a woman’s organism burns extra calories. Besides, breastfeeding triggers the shrinking of the uterus and puts tension on the abdomen so that it remains toned. Therefore, a breastfeeding woman loses weight much quicker than the one who doesn’t nurse.

Be Hydrated

After childbirth, a woman must stay hydrated. This will boost energy, strength, and even concentration. Moreover, hydration helps to burn calories faster, suppresses the appetite, and cleanses the body from toxins, thus supporting you to lose weight fast after baby.

Cut Down on Sugar

Cutting down this product, a difference in your belly fat will be noticeable soon. You can substitute candies, cakes, and snacks with sweet fruit. During your post-pregnancy period, you’d better stick to nutritious products with lots of vitamins and natural proteins.

No Crash Diets

Crash diets are popular among women who want to lose weight in the shortest time possible. However, this can’t but have negative results on your organism which is still weak after delivering a baby. You’d better walk slowly toward your aim by decreasing the calorie intake only by around 500 cal a day and have the necessary energy to take care of a newborn (don’t forget about sleepless nights). This is how to lose post-pregnancy belly without depleting your body.

Reduce Alcohol

What refers to alcohol, this should be entirely cut out from your daily ratio whether you are breastfeeding or not. Alcoholic drinks contain much sugar, boost appetite (especially for sugar-loaded and fat heavy snacks), and interfere with the level of hormones.

Eat Food With Healthy Proteins

A diet with healthy proteins decreases appetite and augments metabolism. Your body will have to burn more calories to digest such food with healthy proteins as fish, dairy, eggs, etc.

Find Time to Sleep

Surely, this might seem too unrealistic when a newborn baby cries throughout the night, but you should still find time to have a sound sleep. A lack of sleep is directly linked to weight gaining after pregnancy. So, every time your baby is fast asleep, use that time for sleeping, too, and let those several unwashed dishes or clothes wait.


The list of tips on losing weight after having a baby can’t be complete without our call to exercising. The first several months after childbirth are the most significant in cutting off some extra belly fat. Exercising should become regular for you – three times a week of 30-minute-long cardio exercises will be totally enough for this period since your body still needs to recover. Gradually add the exercising time, as well as change the program to add core strengthening, as well as resistance and weight training exercises.

Non-Invasive Procedures

With modern technologies, reducing abdominal fat quickly isn’t an impossible thing. For example, non-invasive procedures aim at destroying the fat cells with ultrasound technology. The body fat gets naturally released while the nerves, tissues, and muscles aren’t affected.

Be Realistic

And the last point in our tips for losing baby weight is approaching the matter realistically. It isn’t a straightforward thing to do since the pregnancy fat is more stubborn than ordinary abdominal fat. So, be ready for a long struggle.


How to lose belly fat after having a baby? If you stick to a healthy diet, exercise systematically, follow your sleep routine, you will soon have palpable results. Shedding that extra stubborn fat after the childbirth is in your hands, so act!

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