How to Start the Working Week Off Right: Most Important Tips to Follow for Success

Mondays are inevitable. Accept this and don’t get in Monday blues cause starting your week with an awful mood will have a destructive effect on your productivity. Here we have separated some working tips on how to start the working week off right and in a healthy way.

Scheme a To-Do List on Friday

Before you head to the club with friends on Friday to celebrate the weekend, write a to-do list. It’s important to capture all the things you should accomplish in the upcoming week right at this time. If you leave it for Monday morning, you will already start the week off a step behind. Start the list with a few simple tasks to perform and then add those challenging ones hanging over you. How to organise your week better? Just group the tasks by urgency and importance. And strive not to fail to implement any of them during the week.

Adhere to the One-Hour Rule

According to Kenneth Wright, a professor of neurology and sleep medicine at the University Colorado, Boulder, the latest researches prove that the weekend recovery sleep does not reverse the effects of chronic sleep deprivation. Therefore, neither staying up late nor waking up late on Weekend is a good habit. If you do, you won’t avoid fatigue and grogginess on Monday. You’d better stick to a consistent sleep schedule throughout the whole week.

Rethink Your Breakfast

One of the solutions to how to start your week positively is reconsidering your breakfast. Only a balanced breakfast can provide you with enough energy to be productive for the whole day. Besides, breakfast enables a human body to eat more healthfully during dinner and supper. However, you shouldn’t think about having breakfast right upon rising. Wait till you feel hungry and eat around 20% of your total calories for the day in the morning. An example of an ideal breakfast is oatmeal with walnuts and blueberries, a sourdough toast made of whole-wheat and avocado, yogurt, and some fruit. Avoid drinking coffee upon your awakening. Wait an hour or two for the stress hormone to decrease naturally in your body and only then sip your favorite coffee.

Choosing the Monday Outfit

The right clothing is proved to improve negative emotions and boost self-confidence. According to Dawn Karen, the founder of the Fashion Psychology Institute in NYC, clothing covers one’s emotions and inner worries – it serves as a kind of armor to protect one’s psychological well being. Therefore, picking up the right outfit every Monday morning is very important. Choose the colors you like the best, the fabrics that you feel comfortable to touch, the brand that helps you feel more significant at work.

Pick Up the Right Lingerie

Picking up the right lingerie is not less important. Surely, women feel more confident having a pair of sexy lingerie under their clothes, yet that won’t be the best option when you are at work. Instead of concentrating on your work and demonstrating your best productivity, you will get distracted now and then. So you’d better opt for soft cotton lingerie in which you will feel comfortable and free in your movements. And don’t forget to choose your morning outfit the night before.
Explaining how to start the working week off right, we couldn’t have omitted this point.

Find Natural Light

A human being can’t feel good without having a sufficient “portion” of light every morning. To perk up your morning, open the window shades, water your garden flowers, have your breakfast on the balcony or the porch, walk or run for half an hour. And if you are a freelancer, move your computer closer to the window, paint the walls in the working room a more vivid color. Remember that light has an alerting and awakening effect.

Perform a Random Act of Kindness

Putting positive energy into this world you are sure to get it back. As the recent social psychology researches show, people who perform a random act of kindness on Monday mornings feel positive throughout the rest of the week. These acts can be most various depending on your financial state or environment. You can bring a cup of coffee to your coworker, treat your neighbor’s kids with candies, or even send a message to your parent or friend reminding them how much you love them. Remember that kind people are less prone to stress and depression.

So, you see that it’s quite possible to learn how to plan your work so that you don’t feel distressed at the beginning of every week. Adhering to our most essential recommendations you will forget all about Monday blues and be productive throughout the whole week.

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