Hygiene of Hands: Steps to Wash Hands Correctly

Hygiene of Hands

At different times, people have experienced many epidemics and pandemics. Hundreds of thousands and even millions of victims are results of each of them. As negative experience has shown, prevention has always been and still remains the most effective weapon against deadly diseases of a global nature. At the same time, most common hygiene of hands can save many lives in our days, when COVID-19 is rampant all over the world, and there are no effective medicines or vaccines against this disease yet.

Hand washing routine should be the most common thing for all of us. But at the same time, everything needs to be done correctly, in compliance with all established norms and rules. Water and a bar of soap: this combination allows you to increase the effectiveness of hand washing as a way to prevent coronavirus infection.

How To Clean Your Hands: Steps Of Handwashing

Unfortunately, most of us doesn’t know, how to clean hands correctly.

To provide the most complete answer to this question, we divide the presented process into the main stages: wet, soaping, scrub, washing and drying hands.

The list of steps to wash hands correctly, naturally, should begin with placing of both of them under the water stream. Then you need to apply soap on the outer and inner surfaces of the wrists and palms, as well as on the fingertips.

The washing of hands should be performed for 20 seconds, at least. Because the using of stopwatch is not suitable for this kind of operation. It’s better to count from 1 to 20 by yourself, trying to maintain the seconds’ intervals. Another way is singing “Happy Birthday to You” which will take approximately the appropriate amount of time.

One shouldn’t forget about the scrub, during the describing of details of hand wash. This process essence is quite simple: you just need to rub your palms together and hold your fingertips around each of them. Besides, there is no need to use brushes and to do sharp and cleaning movements.

At last, it’s necessary to wash hands thoroughly and wipe their surfaces with a towel. It’s preferably to use disposable one. If you go into a public restroom, you can also use air dryer for your hands.

Other Ways To Protect Yourself

Having described briefly how to wash your hands step by step, let’s introduce some other ways to protect yourself:

  • If it isn’t possible to use water with soap, you may apply any alcohol-based antiseptic. It will help to rid of viruses that can settle on hands’ skin.
  • On the street and in any public places everybody should wear a mask, as well as disposable gloves.
  • The required condition is the observance of a socially saved distance everywhere. It won’t allow you to get infected from another person. According to the latest data, this distance shan’t be less than 4 meters!
  • If it’s possible, you need to limit your presence in public places and reduce the number of trips by public transport.
  • You should not shake hands with familiar persons, friends or relatives! It is advisable to limit with verbal greetings.


There are many other prescriptions regarding preventative measures, which allow to protect yourself against COVID-19 infection. However, the most effective are those of them, that have just been presented in the previous list.

Hygiene of hands by itself cannot guarantee as effective protection as it’s possible when it is implemented in combination with the just mentioned actions. Such statement also is in the recommendations of the World Health Organization, proposed for the fight against coronavirus infection. You can familiarize yourself with the provisions of these recommendations on the following page.

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