Importance of Isolation, Social Distancing, Quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the life of the whole world. This invisible enemy strikes a person quickly and painfully. To protect yourself and your family from the new virus, you need to remember about the importance of isolation and follow a few simple rules.

Firstly, let’s find out the difference between social distancing, quarantine and isolation.

Social Distancing

Social distance is the distance between people, which is necessary for the personal safety of each person. New studies of the coronavirus pandemic by American scientists suggest that the virus can “fly” up to 4 meters.

Based on these studies, the World Health Organization has stated that the minimum distance between people in public places should not be less than 2 meters. Social distance is the main way to protect yourself and loved ones from becoming infected with COVID-19. The importance of social distance is described in detail in the article.


Quarantine is a restriction measure that aims to minimize the spread of viruses or infections. Today there is a lot of information on coronavirus infection, both true and false. If there are no vaccines from COVID-19 yet, then the only way not to get infected with coronavirus disease is to observe quarantine measures:

  • stay indoors;
  • protect the respiratory system;
  • contain the rules of sanitation and hygiene.


The definition of isolation suggests that the main way to protect from COVID-19 disease is to stay at home and minimize contact with the outside world. Coronavirus does not fly in the air, but is actively transmitted from person to person: through handshakes, door handles, money, and more.

How to isolate yourself during a pandemic

Man is a social being. Therefore, it is necessary to create the right conditions for the isolation of the house. The isolation is very important because at the moment there is no vaccine against coronavirus infection. Follow simple home isolation rules:

  • Think of the common good. When you and your family stay at home, this way you help in the fight against coronavirus.
  • Stay active, create a daily routine. The importance of isolation is simply staying at home. Create a routine of daily activities so that you know what you will do on this day.
  • Anxious thoughts can be controlled. This is natural if you are worried that you can become infected. But if you have too many disturbing thoughts that are not related to health complaints that you can consult with your doctor, then you should take these thoughts under control.

It’s enough to keep yourself up to date with the news, reading them only a few times a day
If you feel that watching the news constantly is a concern, then limit it. This will help you stay calm. Since the news is repeated throughout the day, and if you are in a constant stream of news, you will probably soon notice that this causes you concern. Find the verified official channel that you will watch.

The importance of isolation cannot be overestimated in the fight against COVID-19. The quarantine meaning is to prevent millions of deaths and a total crisis. More information about social distance and isolation is described in the article.

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