Why You Are Not Losing Weight While Working Out – 10 Reasons

Even if you do fitness and eat only healthy foods, your weight may still not change. Often people to achieve the desired result increase the number of workouts, but not losing weight and do not understand why this is happening. In order not to stop halfway to creating your dream figure, make sure that you are not making one of the mistakes listed below.

Not Enough Fluid Intake

According to the study if you follow dieting and exercising but not losing weight, then the reason may be in insufficient fluid intake. During the day you need to drink at least two liters of clean drinking water. This is especially important to do after exhausting cardio workouts and fitness exercises. Get yourself a diary in which you can record the number of drunk glasses of water every day.

You Exercise With an Empty Stomach

As practice shows, if you exercise with an empty stomach, your body does not react as you expect. Doing “hungry” workouts, you are not losing weight, but losing muscle mass. A snack before a workout will not only allow you to burn more fat but will also give strength for long exercises. Never skip the first meal — it starts the metabolism of your body in the morning.

You Focus Only on Cardio Workouts

If you are working out but not losing weight, then the problem may be with your training program. Strength exercises and weight lifting will help strengthen joints and cardio will burn calories.

You Do Not Count Calories

The main reasons for not losing weight is eating harmful foods. Recording what you eat during the day, can help you track how many calories you’re consuming. This way you can see how many calories you get and based on this, adjust your workouts.

You Did Not Snack After a Workout

If the lunch break has not yet arrived, a snack after a day’s workout should not be very “hard” – it could be yogurt, fruits, or nuts in reasonable quantities.

You Do Not Sleep Enough and Do Not Rest

Some people specifically wake up early to do morning exercises. However, full sleep is extremely important for losing weight. Lack of sleep is one of the main reasons you’re not losing weight even with intense training. Besides, lack of sleep stimulates appetite-enhancing hormones

You Cannot Refuse Sauces

If you want to achieve good results, then you should reconsider your eating habits. If you add mayonnaise to your foods, then the weight will not go anywhere, so you should exclude any high-calorie supplements from your diet.

You Overwork During the Day

Give yourself a couple of minutes to rest during the day to reduce tension. Do not miss workouts – this is a great way to eliminate stress. Try a yoga class or meditate a little to find harmony between mind and body. Even if you can’t lose weight quickly, try to build your training program so as not to overwork.

Irregular Workouts

For weight loss, specialists usually recommend daily workouts lasting at least 20-30 minutes. With intensive training, this time should be twice as long – warm-up, main part, and stretching exercises. If you spend more than 8 hours sitting, this may be another reason why you are having problems with weight loss.

You Have Health Problems

If you have changed your lifestyle and reviewed your diet, but the long-awaited weight loss has not come, it makes sense to consult a doctor. This is important not only if the weight is standing or slowly decreasing, but also if you are inexplicably gaining body weight.


The most important thing in achieving the goal is an integrated approach. If you cannot make up the correct menu for yourself, then you should consult a nutritionist for advice. By eliminating the above errors, you can easily get rid of excess weight and find the body of your dreams!

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