Products to Boost Your Immune System – Top 10

Discover top 10 products to boost immune system and strengthen protection against coronaviruses. 

Wishing to keep your immunity resilient? Or wondering how to stay healthy for a long term? Meet products that are able to boost immune system: all of them contain essential nutrients to make your organism feel better. 

Top 10 Products to Boost Immune System

  • Mushrooms play a crucial role in immune strength: they activate immune killer cells that are constantly competing against viruses and bacteria. Literally, mushrooms help your organism to check itself on dangerous invaders and to lessen overall toxicity. Additionally, they are an awesome plant source of vitamin D.
  • Avocado is a powerful nutrition to boost immune system. More than 10 trillions of struggling cells need healthy, high quality fats to function well. These polyunsaturated acids cover gut lining so completely that none bad digestive tract traveler could do any harm and enter your bloodstream.
  • Broccoli contains one of the most immune boosting natural compounds – sulforaphene. In what way this element will strengthen my immune system? Sulforaphene provides broccoli lovers with total detoxication. At the same time it prevents from genetic damages. These benefits create the grounds of human immunity, don’t they? Also broccoli is high in vitamins C and K.
  • Oysters have promising medicinal properties. As far as their advantage is zinc, oysters are the first anti-flu remedy you should take in. Moreover, most seafoods enlarge protection at cell level: they raise neutrophils, B cells and T-helpers – all blood elements, which identify and win outer enemies.
  • Spinach – most polyphenolic foods to eat for immune system. Polyphenols are organic chemicals that are considered by our bodies as strong prebiotics. As far as human immunity is closely associated with gut health, spinach leaves are an excellent superfood to support gut microbiome and make your home bacteria delighted.
  • Fish (especially wild caught salmon, herrings and sardines) nourishes us in 3 ways. At first, wach fish has omega-3 fatty acids, which are full of antiinflammatory capacities and which can heal leaky gut. Secondly, fish is rich in selenium – a great natural antioxidant. Thirdly, fish has an optimal amount of vitamin A.
  • Citrus has wonderful immune enhancing effects: thanks to adequate levels of vitamin C, it is the best food to improve immunity. Moreover, citruses stimulate skin regeneration and build up epithelial barriers – the most important defence against aggressive microorganisms.
  • Green tea, especially L-theanine is an effective cure against cold and unexpected flu. This amino acid makes our lymphocytes eliminate germs at the very stage of first contact. Moreover, green tea keeps your flavonoid status adequate – that is how chronic inflammation is reduced and quick immune responses can be achieved.
  • Onions are foods that will definitely boost your immunity. Being a fiber rich product, onions have no immunity crushing sugar molecules and junky carbohydrates. Onions’ benefits are: prebiotic indigestible fiber that feeds gut microflora; quercetin – exclusive antimicrobial chemical that fights against almost unassailable Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus Aureus and even H. Pylory.
  • Turmeric is a bright start to overcome any illness. The spice features curcumin – a fantastic bioactive ingredient that advances metabolism, vitalizes cardiovascular system and fixes our genes.


Diet choices and food quality are key factors to enhance cell defense responses. Rethink your menu, add food for better immune system and be sure – mentioned products will take care of you.

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