Tips for Washing Your Face – All Types of Skin

How often do you wash your face? All dermatologists agree in their position: facial skin must be cleaned twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. The fact is that even indoors, particles of dust, dirt and bacteria flying in the air settle on your skin. Moreover, the skin itself constantly produces sweat and sebum that mix with settled dust and dirt and cause active growth of bacteria. As a result, appear rashes and irritation and black spots. Read below some prepared tips for washing your face.

Tips for washing your face

To support skin in good and healthy condition it’s recommended to follow simple tips for washing your face:

  • If you have dry or sensitive skin. Owners of dry skin type should be careful about the first stage – the stage of cleansing. It is best to use products that do not require contact with water. The main requirements for washing dry and sensitive skin are moisturizing and soothing. Cleansing milk is the best solution for this type of skin. In comparison to foaming products, milk gently removes dirt and at the same time retains a protective film on the surface of the skin. To complete the cleansing procedure, use a soft alcohol-free tonic.
  • If you have oily or acne-prone skin. Washing oily skin with a cleanser is a necessary daily procedure that helps to find a uniform and matte complexion. How to clean oily skin? Nowadays cosmetic brands offer countless creams and cleansing gels. Means for washing oily skin should have matting properties, narrow pores and even out complexion. However, if the manufacturer included toxic substances in the foam or mousse formula, the cosmetic product will only harm the skin.
  • If you have combination skin. For morning washing of combined skin type it is recommended to use gels or foams for washing for normal skin or for combination skin. They should not contain alcohol, since it is harmful to oily skin, and moreover to dry skin. Combined skin, first of all, needs to increase the acid barrier, which could prevent the spread of microbes on the skin. And after washing, it is necessary to apply moisturizing product.

Should I wash face after workout?

After training, you must definitely wash your skin with warm water, using a mild cleanser (foams with disinfecting components are suitable, they clean well, but are softer than gels). It is better not to lean on abrasive scrubs: they can injure “steamed” skin. Once a week after training, you need to do moisturizing or cleansing masks. For owners of oily and combination skin it is better to take steaming or detox masks in the form of films. If your skin is dry, it’s best to use moisturizing products.


How should you wash your face? In general, tips for washing your face state that it’s important to take into account the skin type and use only reliable products of the best brands with good reputation. Not only type of skin should be taken into account, but also the rhythm of life.

Water for face washing should not be cold or hot. Cold water leads to the deterioration of blood supply and skin nutrition, such experiments are especially harmful in late autumn and winter. Hot water deprives the skin elasticity and leads to wrinkles. Therefore, the conclusion is that the best temperature for washing is warm water with wisely chosen face washes. In case if the face wash was chosen inccorrectly, it will only damage skin.

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