To Exercise With Kids. Is It Actually Possible?

Doing workouts with your kids is a great method of engaging them in physical activities. This way parents can teach them that staying fit is extremely important for a healthy mind and body. If you are wondering what to begin with, you have come to the right place! On this page, we have listed some of the best tips to exercise with kids.

7 Tips on How to Exercise With Kids

Getting children interested in sports is a huge priority for every parent. If you are not sure how to exercise with your child, use the tips below.

Make It a Game

When mom and baby workout together, they must find a way to turn the whole process into a game. You should not force your child to stop doing what she or he finds interesting. Instead, use your creativity to create a unique game for both of you to enjoy. For instance, see who can get the most squats in one minute.

Make It More Competitive for Kids

Many experts say that healthy competition is very good for children. Besides setting your kid up for wins and losses later in life, competitive activities help them to improve skills they will use throughout their lives. Therefore, when choosing workouts to do with baby, you should add some competition to the exercises.  

Let Your Kid Invite Friends Over and Exercise Together With Them

Everyone knows that children really like to play games with each other. Allow your kid to invite some friends over and enjoy sports together with them. You can definitely find a bunch of great exercises to do with baby and her or his mates. For instance, teach them to play basketball, baseball, or any other team sports. This will make your workouts even more special and memorable.

Remain Positive About Your Workouts No Matter What

If your son or daughter is not good at sports, make sure to maintain a positive attitude. Remember that your workouts must relieve stress for you and your children. Smile more often and do not let your kid become upset. Show that you are proud of him or her no matter what. After all, you do not want your child to associate sports with being a disappointment to you.

Teach Your Child to Love Sports From Early Childhood

Even the youngest babies would be happy to join your workout routine. Training with infants is extremely fun! Let your child watch you doing your regular exercises from a stroller. Moreover, you can use a carrier for babywearing workouts. The most important part here is to follow the safety guidelines. Position your baby properly and make sure his or her airways are open.

Do Not Be Too Serious About Workouts

Nobody likes drudgery, especially children. You should not turn sports into a routine when you exercise with kids. Otherwise, your kid might lose interest in training with you. Do not apply too much pressure and keep your workouts interesting. This is the only way to make small kids enjoy sports.

How Not to Make It Your Nightmare: What You shouldn’t do

Here are the most critical mistakes you should avoid when exercising with kids:

  • Pushing children into playing sports they do not like;
  • Demanding too much from a child;
  • Using guilt and shame to make a child exercise harder;
  • Aggressively pointing out fixes during exercises;
  • Ignoring the kid during workouts.

If you manage to avoid these mistakes, you and your kid will always have a great time working out together.


Whether you are training with infants or teenagers, doing exercises together with children is extremely important. Make your kid interested in sports at a young age. This way, you will raise her or him to be a healthy human being, both from the physical and mental perspectives.

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