Work-From-Home Hacks: How to Be Productive Working from Home?

Telecommunications has always been the growing trend. Most people left the office and started working from home. If you’re one of them, there are some work-from-home hacks for you.

7 Work-From-Home Hacks to Be Productive During COVID-19

It’s no secret that when you work remotely, performance can suffer greatly. So how to stay productive at home? Check out the following tips.

  • Establish your home workplace. Equip it so that it helps your work. Place important information and useful items in a prominent place. Remove all unnecessary things from your field of view. That’s an important tip on how to stay on task when working from home. If you cannot allocate a special place for work, then try to protect the working space in the existing room and separate it from the household items as much as possible.
  • Get dressed. Working from home increases productivity… if you wear a right outfit. That’s another life hack on how to get involved in the process if you moved to teleworking. Repeat your office rituals at home – put on your office clothes, drink coffee and exchange a few words with colleagues, but this time online. Wearing your suit will allow you to immediately set yourself up to work. Sitting in pajamas at the desk, you are more likely to be distracted by household matters.
  • Schedule out your day. Securing working hours is among the most important work-from-home hacks. You and your colleagues should know when you have to be at your company’s service.
    If your boss requires online presence at a special time, it does not mean that this frame will be optimal for closing certain tasks. For example, you get a lot of incoming calls during mandatory online, and you can’t close some tasks requiring concentration. So, your schedule should include the time you are online for the company and the time you spend on highly sensitive tasks. 
  • Keep three lists of three. Tips on working remotely include making three lists of three. You may arrange it the following way. The first list should contain extremely urgent issues to be done as soon as possible. The second one is for matters of the secondary importance. The last list should include only those issues which can be done anytime soon. It’s a real challenge for your self-organizations skills, however, it may boost your productivity significantly. 
  • Take breaks. This rule is among the essential tips on working remotely. Perhaps you are used to going for lunch with colleagues in your office when everyone is free. But you’d better adhere to a strict schedule at home. Try to provide yourself with at least three breaks of 15-20 minutes and one break for half an hour for lunch. If you need to spend eight hours in front of the computer, keep in mind that you’ll have to extend your working day for all these pauses.
  • Log out of every social network while you’re working. Don’t let distraction swallow you up. Log out of Facebook, Twitter, etc. Make sure that YouTube, TV series, or any other broadcast doesn’t work in the background. Imagine you are in the office and working. If your colleagues and you are used to watching Let’s Plays in the middle of the day, then it’s fine. However, the additional flow of information may be an excellent way to procrastinate and be distracted from a not very exciting workflow.
  • Track your time. This is one of the best tips for working from home. You should log all your actions and keep task cards in any tracker. You can even make tables in Excel, if there are no trackers and you don’t want to understand how it works. Or you may just make records to a notebook phasing out completed points. The better your personal process is organized, the easier it will be for you to achieve good results at work.


Now you see that being productive during the quarantine is not a big problem. You should listen to yourself and be consistent whether you start a day or take on a new task.

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