Five Things You Should Know About Working Out While on Your Period

Not sure if working out while on your period is a good thing for you? That’s totally understandable. Especially if you are suffering from fatigue during your period.

However, the good news is that you can freely exercise during menses. In fact, it can be quite beneficial for your overall health and can help ease some of your PMS symptoms.

Benefits of Working Out While on Your Period

“How does exercise help periods?” That’s one of the most frequently asked questions by women who spend a lot of time in the gym. Here is why training on your period is a good thing to do:

  • You can say goodbye to most of your PMS symptoms. If you are always feeling tired and struggling with mood swings, regular aerobic exercise can help relieve these symptoms;
  • Exercise and endorphins go hand in hand. Not only can exercise reduce PMS symptoms, but they can also stimulate endorphin secretion. In other words, exercise affects the brain and makes you feel happier;
  • Experience the true power with the help of high-intensity interval training. When the period begins, estrogen and progesterone levels drop significantly. As, a result, fuel is a lot more accessible to your body.HIIT exercise can help you experience greater gains in strength and power, especially in the first few weeks of your cycle;
  • No more menstrual pain. Menstrual cramps can be really painful. However, if you are willing to do exercise during menstruation, you can most likely get rid of them. You don’t even have to go to the gym, as light walking will be more than enough.
  • Enhance your mood. Exercising will also help enhance your increase circulation. They also tend to alleviate cramps, headache, or other things associated with your menses.

Best Workouts to Do During Your Period

When it comes to training during your menstrual cycle, you should focus on exercises that you like most and the ones that are good for your body. You will most likely experience some difficulties for the first couple days, because they are typically the heaviest days of menstrual bleeding. If that’s the case, just work out at home until you get better.

So which exercise is best during periods? Here are some ideas:

  • Light walking. This one is very simple and doesn’t take a lot of effort. You can do it at any part of the day and adjust your speed accordingly. It’s also a great way to burn some calories. Light walking is especially useful towards the end of the period, because that’s when lungs start to function properly;
  • Yoga. Most of the yoga poses stretch out the lower back and hips, helping you deal with your period. In addition, the deep breathing during yoga relaxes your muscles and relieves tension. All of it can help you relieve menstrual symptoms and increase your overall wellbeing;
  • Low volume strength digital training. Light strength training is one of the best workouts during menstruation. It will not only boost your physical strength, but also improve muscle flexibility. You don’t even need a gym for this, as you can do most exercises on your own by watching some videos;
  • Swimming. It’s no secret that swimming is very healthy, as it improves your blood flow, blood pressure, and can help prevent falls. But not many know that it can actually ease cramps, making it even more useful.

Staying Clean During Your Period

It’s very important to maintain the best hygiene possible during your period. Fitness exercise during PMS can certainly make it a bit more challenging, but you’ll be fine as long as you follow a few simple rules. First and foremost, remember to choose feminine products you are 100% comfortable with. This could be a tampon, a menstrual pad/cap, or a disk, depending on what’s best for you.

Secondly, be sure to bring some feminine products with you in case your period starts earlier than expected. This could be a real bummer, especially if you are exercising in the gym.

Finally, don’t forget to bathe, change your underwear, and use one of the menstrual products once you are done with your workout.


As you can see, effect of exercise on period is truly tremendous. It not only helps you soothe period symptoms, but also keeps your mind and body healthy.

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